(and a few notes too!)

Picture was taken during the Charlotte World 600 1972. Freddy was doing some commentator work for CBS in the pits.
No inner liners back then! (p.s. ... Love the pants!)

Ray Fox Over the Wall!

Great painting by Bill Rankin


A number '0' Ford. What track and year? It looks curious
because the car is facing the wrong way!   EMAIL

Reply From Steve Samples:
While driving for Holman-Moody I'm familiar with two non #28 cars Lorenzen drove.  One was at Charlotte in '62.  The other at Bowman-Gray Stadium in '63.  During that season Fred was high in the point standings while competing in only a handful of events, so Ralph Moody decided to increase his schedule to run for the title.  Since they did not have a short track or dirt car program the idea faded quickly.  Ultimately Fred ran 29 of the 54 races held that year, and finished 3rd in the standings.  In '62 he finished 7th, and in '64 and '65 (if memory serves) he finished 13th. Needless to say, had he simply entered ALL the events those four years he would have won four consecutive championships!!!  Sadly winning championships then did not sell cars, so Ford had little interest.

Lorenzen's five consecutive victories in 1964 (the streak ended at Charlotte when Fireball was injured) was banned from the record book by NASCAR, when they unofficially black balled the sports greatest driver.  Records held in that category are now referred to as "consecutive races won."  Ironically, when Lorenzen won five in a row he did so while entering ONLY the major events.  In those races ALL factory teams were entered each week.  When Petty won ten in a row in '67, many of his wins were while competing with only 2-3 factory cars.  The convenient wording in the record books (consecutive wins versus consecutive starts voids the Lorenzen streak)

On a side note, I notice Richard Petty named David Pearson as the greatest driver he ever competed against.  An interesting quote since he was quoted in dozens of publications in 1980 calling Fred Lorenzen, Junior Johnson, Fireball Roberts, Tim Flock, and Jim Paschal the five greatest drivers who ever lived.  I suppose Pearson got really good after they all retired!

Steve Samples  ............................(See more of Steve's Stories)

(Editor's note: I, too, have read the Petty quotes about who he considered the greatest drivers and he also used to add in Pete Hamilton for some strange reason. You are correct, Pearson wasn't added in only until recently. Pearson did beat Petty's butt enough times. Look at how many runners-up he had to him!)

1961 Ford Starliner - Early Holman Moody

Fred with buddy Alf

Lorenzen in modern day Ford. Oh, the memories!

Excellent model reproduction

Fred always appreciated the fan's participation. Here with a great model.

1958 Turf Club 1Mile - USAC Champ - 58 Ford

Lorenzen and Roz Howard # 18- Ford -vs Chevy

Fred and his idol, Fireball, as teammates

With Hollman and Moody in victory Lane

file1965 Ford  - Win Indianapolis Raceway Park May '65

Winged Superbird at Daytona 500

Holman-Moody pit crew at work. Which Track?

Paul Michulsky from De Pere, Wisconsin answers Which Track:

Roland, it is Indianapolis Raceway Park for the Yankee 300 race in 1964. It was a race that had both NASCAR and USAC drivers competing in it. The race was won by Freddy and I was there to see it.

After the race the drivers were standing around talking about the race and Lorenzen mentioned that late in the race he went off the course and almost spun out as he meant to push the brake pedal but pushed the clutch pedal in by mistake. Those days you could gather around the drivers in the pits after the race, at least that was the case in USAC.

I believe Fireball Roberts was also at that race, and it may have been one of his last races before his accident at Charlotte.

I have been a lifelong fan of Lorenzen's going back to his days in the Chicago area and  saw him race many times.

Thanks for the great website. Paul Michulsky

Donald White answers:  Alan Luden on 'What’s My Line'
Now answer this: What was the Question?

"This man races at over 150 mph?"
"This man won the Daytona 500"
OR: ????????


Fred with Linda Vaughn at Indianapolis Speedway Park in 1964
(Note Linda on hood of car IN HIGH HEELS!)

Model by Rupert

Model by Rupert

Junior Johnson (27) and Lorenzen 1965

Model of Starliner

1962 Galaxie "483"

Lorenzen at the old Bristol Speedway - # 16 Darel Dieringer

2005 Press Pass Legends Autograph Cards
(Just a few from my collection)

Press Pass 2006 Cards

Told this picture is of the '62 World 600.  Can you verify?

Yes.  The photo is from the '62 World 600 in Charlotte.  There was a rules change that prevented Holman-Moody from running the cars they prepared for the race. (#28/Lorenzen--#29 Stacy) so they had to scramble and build two replacement cars the final three days before the event. (hence Freddie's crazy number 0, which was a car they were building for somebody else)  Stacy won that event.  Lorenzen finished 3rd.      Steve Samples 

Finishing order of the first West Virginia 300 NASCAR race: Fred Lorenzen, Joe Weatherly, Jim Paschal, Ned Jarrett, Buck Baker, GC Spencer, Nelson Stacy, Curtis Crider, Marvin Panch, Richard Petty, Bud Harless (Gilbert, WV), Jack Anderson, Larry Thomas, Jim Pardue, Ren Wickersham, Wendell Scott and Jack Smith.

Richmond Pictures Below

Fred's big smile at Richmond

RARE photo - Lorenzen after winning Richmond

Vintage NASCAR Model from Chuck Poi
Freddie Lorenzen's '62 Ford Starlift

Note From Chuck:

"The new roof line of the '62 Galaxy had all the aerodynamics of a brick. It pretty much negated any additional speed the larger 406 engine would have provided. For the Atlanta Dixie 400, Ford engineers and Holman-Moody came up with the idea of bolting on the '60 Starliner roof on to the Sunliner convertables that had raced previously that season. There were even 2 street versions being shown in area Ford dealerships to try to convince NASCAR that this was an actual option.

NASCAR first said no, then agreed to let the 4 cars that were built compete in the upcoming Atlanta race only. Lorenzen drove the #28, team mate Nelson Stacy had the yellow #29, Marvin Panch drove the Wood Bros. #21, and Larry Frank drove the pale blue #66 Cafe Burgundy entry. Lorenzen won. The car was disallowed from further competition. Nostalgia Race Models Starlift kit. "




         Nascar Adventures Comic Book #1

Collectible Business Card

High Gear Legends Card

Fred at Riverside in 1967

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