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MYTH : Richard Petty was the only Grand National / Winston Cup driver to portray himself in a feature length movie.
TRUTH: In 1966 a feature film about NASCAR star Fred Lorenzen was produced on location in Atlanta. The film received positive reviews, and played to sell out crowds throughout the south. The actor who portrayed Lorenzen? Fred Lorenzen himself, who actually delivered his lines, proving that driving a race car was not the only thing he did better than Richard Petty.



Fred Lorenzen retired in 1967 at age 33.

"I hated the traveling; that's why I quit," NASCAR's "Golden Boy," whose 26 career victories includes the 1965 Daytona 500, said of the early '60s. "It wasn't fun anymore."

So Lorenzen found himself back home in Illinois, selling real estate. But he was good enough at it that he took some cash, combined it with a big chunk of his saved race winnings, and did well in the stock market.

And like the others, he's easily staggered by the amount of money in the game today.

"Can't believe it," Lorenzen said. "Unbelievable. But it's a different era. Everything in the world has changed. I'm just glad I put my money away."


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